Advances in science and medicine are enabling people to live longer, with current evidence suggesting that, by the year 2050, one in four adults in the UK will be aged over 60.  While lifespan is increasing, the period spent in good health, healthspan, is not increasing at the same rate.  We are living longer but not more healthily.  The Stirling 1000 Elders is a new group dedicated to bringing researchers, students and older adults together to develop, conduct, and discuss research to promote healthy ageing. 

The Stirling 1000 Elders is based at the University of Stirling and is looking for adults aged 60+ years to take part in shaping and sharing the research activities that we are doing to improve healthy ageing.

Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

If you are over 60 and in good health, we invite you for direct involvement in research projects as participants and for participation in focus group discussions that help us to design our research studies.  Led by Professor Anna Whittaker, the Stirling 1000 Elders group is an essential resource for the University‚Äôs Healthy Ageing Researchers. The Stirling 1000 Elders are key to helping us to understand how to promote and maintain good health and wellbeing in older age. 

As a Stirling 1000 Elder, you will be asked to participate in real-life research projects that are helping us understand and improve healthy ageing for all.  We want everyone to live healthier longer.

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Stirling 1000 Elders has been set up by Professor Anna C. Whittaker from the University of Stirling, Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport.

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