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Advances in science and medicine are enabling people to live longer, with current evidence suggesting that one in four adults in the UK will be aged over 60 by the year 2050. While lifespan is increasing, the period spent in good health, healthspan, is not increasing at the same rate. We are living longer but not more healthily. The Stirling 1000 Elders is a new group dedicated to bringing researchers, students and older adults together to develop, conduct, and discuss research to promote healthy ageing. 

Research on healthy ageing at the University of Stirling aims to change lives and promote living healthier for longer.  This is only possible with the involvement of our local community. Any adult aged 60 or over and in good health can become a member of the Stirling 1000 Elders. Being a member of the group is a great way to meet other people, share your experience, and help everyone have a healthier and more satisfying later life. 

What does becoming a Stirling 1000 Elders member involve?

By becoming a Stirling 1000 Elder, you register your interest in taking part in research studies at the University of Stirling. Many of these may involve simply answering a questionnaire, although some projects may require participants to come to the University to take part. Sometimes members are asked to take part in focus group discussions or to review written materials such as reports, information sheets or grant proposals. Some projects may involve some physical activity, others will be purely mentally stimulating. All projects will have been approved by an ethics committee and you are completely free to accept or decline any invitation to take part in individual projects.

Legal basis for processing personal data

As part of the project we will be recording personal data relating to you. This will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and stored in a secure database at the University of Stirling. Under GDPR the legal basis for processing your personal data will be public interest/the official authority of the University. We will also be processing your sensitive/special categories of personal information relating to your health for research purposes in the public interest. 

How do I join?

Becoming a member of Stirling 1000 Elders is easy. You just need to  complete our online application form. This will provide us with contact details, basic personal information about you and some brief lifestyle information that will help us identify relevant research projects.

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What happens to the data I provide?

Only the Stirling 1000 Elders steering group have access to the database and forward you information about upcoming research studies. We will not pass on your details without your permission. You have the right to request to see a copy of the information we hold about you and to request corrections or deletions of the information that is no longer required. We will store the data for 10 years in the first instance and ask for permission to store beyond that period. You have the right to withdraw your data from this project at any time without giving reasons and without consequences to you.

Whom do I contact if I have questions or I wish to complain?

If you would like to discuss the research database with someone, please contact the Principal Investigator: Professor Anna Whittaker  In case of complaint, please contact the Head of Division Professor Jayne Donaldson

You have the right to lodge a complaint against the University regarding data protection issues with the Information Commissioner’s Office ( The University’s Data Protection Officer is Joanna Morrow, Deputy Secretary. If you have any questions relating to data protection these can be addressed to in the first instance.

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