Digital Nutrition App (DNA) Project – testing a food/nutrition photo app

A team of us are currently running a project testing out a prototype of a digital app for taking pictures of meals (plates of food before and after eating), and reporting hunger, mood, and any symptoms. This is for potential use for identifying problem foods and/or malnutrition among older people in the care home setting and beyond. You may have seen mention of it in our previous recruitment of an advisory group.

We have now completed further testing of the next version and reporting on issues. We are using this information to further develop the app to be suitable for care home use. A mini project until December is testing the app in 4 care homes and will conduct a survey of care home staff to understand how best to make it as usable and practical as possible prior to a large scale research study test.

Anna Whittaker on behalf of the project investigators: Jenni Connelly, Nidia Rodriguez-Sanchez, Kevin Swingler & Anna Whittaker

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